Case Study: How Sherlock AI helped Tata Motors acquire consumers and reduce CAC

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Following up on our previous post, Tata Motors, a USD 4 billion leading global auto company and an Infinite Analytics client, in its diverse portfolio, includes an extensive range of cars, SUVs, trucks, buses, defense vehicles etc.  They saw a whopping 75% reduction in Customer acquisition cost (CAC) upon using Sherlock AI. The client started using Sherlock AI a tool developed by Infinite Analytics with the mandate of addressing a few issues and challenges which were:

The client started using Sherlock AI with the mandate of addressing a few issues and challenges which were:

  • To find out people who have visited their showrooms or that of their competitors (a challenge faced by most automobile manufacturers).

  • Looking for consumers who are currently looking to buy a vehicle, and also finding the different consumer signals which help identify the intention of purchasing the said vehicle.

  • They were also looking for dataset acquisition. An algorithmic setup to blend data layers is a computationally intensive task and needs specialized and seasoned data scientists to execute it successfully. 

How Sherlock AI rose to occasion and provided just the solutions that were needed 

We started by mapping the layout of all car showrooms and consumers visiting the dealerships were tracked as well. We then combined the mapping with IA’s proprietary analysis to help in understanding the locations where the ***device has shopped***, where the individual lives, and other metrics such as prosperity level (insert prosperity blog**), transactional data, automobile dealership visitation, search trends on digital platforms (Google, Car aggregators), etc. to create classifiers based on the person’s interest in purchasing a vehicle.

Tata Motors

After doing so, we ran precisely targeted campaigns to the people who were mostly to convert (as customers of Tata Motors) on Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google. These activities led to some amazing results for Tata Motors as they witnessed a whopping 75% reduction in Customer acquisition cost (CAC). 

 These kinds of results have been made possible as we at Infinite Analytics are First-party data independent, 100% GDPR & CCPA Compliant, and track the most comprehensive real and digital signals from 40+ datasets and 350 million consumers. 

Hear directly what Tata Motors has to say:

As a testimonial, Rajan Amba, VP, Sales & Marketing, Tata Motors PV, said, “Infinite Analytics has been a partner to Tata Motors, in the last one year. Their platform, Sherlock AI is helping us scale our network expansion, both in the passenger vehicle business. It also delivered what it promised – a reduction in CAC and a new perspective in customer acquisition that no one in the market provided. They are essential to our growth ambitions and we look forward to deepening our relationship with them.”

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