SherlockAI Redefines Customer Acquisition Strategy, Cuts CAC by 75%

Transforming OTT Customer Acquisition with Tailored Strategies 75% lower than the target acquisition cost set by client.

A leading OTT platform was facing a high customer acquisition cost, higher than the annual subscription revenue. SherlockAI came to their rescue with its unique data blend of app usage data, socio-economic information, social media behavior data, and movie & music preference data. The result was a targeted, more efficient, and cost-effective acquisition strategy.

5 Million

Anonymized Users


Data Stacks Utilized

2 Weeks

to the first output

The Challenge: The OTT platform was incurring high acquisition costs, often exceeding the annual subscription revenue. This approach was unsustainable and inefficient. They needed a new strategy to acquire valuable customers without incurring such high costs.

The Outcome: SherlockAI applied a blend of diverse data – app usage, socio-economic data, social media behavior, and entertainment preferences – to identify a more appropriate audience segment for the platform’s marketing efforts. This resulted in a much ‘smaller fishing pond,’ but one that was far more likely to convert into paying subscribers. Ultimately, SherlockAI’s approach achieved a cost per acquisition for new OTT subscriptions that was 75% lower than the target set by the client. This massive cost reduction showcased the power of an effective, data-driven acquisition strategy.

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