7 Secret insights about Pet Parents

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Pet Owners: Secret Insights of pet parents in India

Sherlock AI embarks on a cute mission this time. It identifies people who have pets in Mumbai & Pune and understands their consumer behavior. How does Sherlock AI even identify if someone has a pet, you ask? That’s the beauty of it. Sherlock AI can understand thousands of distinct and unique consumer signals from 40+ datasets. It is able to understand exactly what 350 million consumers are doing on a daily basis- right from where they live, what they spend on, what places they visit, their brand affinities, where they work and so much more!

In this particular case, to identify people with pets, Sherlock AI understands people visiting Pet related points of interest- pet shops, pet adoption centers, pet supplies stores, pet daycare, pet grooming centers, veterinarians, dog parks, etc. and understands where these people live, their consumer behavior patterns- where they visit, what do they spend on, etc. Let’s hear Sherlock AI say Woof! Wooof!!

Are people with pets more modern? Are people with pets more ‘chilled-out’? Are there particular region clusters where people with pets typically live?

Let’s see what Sherlock AI has to say about this

  • Pet owners spend considerable time towards entertainment & hobbies and keeping themselves occupied! They seem to have higher amount of hobbies than typical consumers
  • They visit Electronics entertainment shops, soccer clubs, delis, bowling centers dance studios and other food related places
  • It’s interesting to also note that people with pets also are ‘chilled out’, modern based on their frequent visits to breweries, cigar & tobacco shops, gambling centers and other nightlife centric places
  • People with pets tend to take frequent road trips. This is clearly evident from the fact that most of them visit multiple toll booths and fueling stations

Let’s now try and understand where pet owners are clustered (in terms of where they live). Ab pan-India films se pan-India pet stores! Mega blockbuster signature pet storesOn a first look, it seems extremely curious to note that there are some ‘signature’ pet related shops in Mumbai and Pune, where people visiting from other places such as Delhi, UP, Nagpur, buy supplies from these shops whenever they visit Mumbai or Pune!


On diving deeper, Sherlock AI finds some of these ‘signature’ pet shops, as distributed across Bandra West, Borivali, Kalyan, Thane in Mumbai and Pune city (near Shaniwar Peth), Katraj. Sherlock AI knows what exactly these ‘signature’ shops are, but that’s a story for another time. 


People love their pets! DUH!Would you believe that people on an average travel ~15-20 km to get their pet supplies, in Mumbai? Apart from a few South Mumbai localities  such as Byculla, Nariman Point and West Bandra where people have premium pet stores in their neighborhood, there seems to be a big gap in terms of the market for quality pet products and services!

Now Sherlock AI figures out where these consumers actually live. How does Sherlock AI do this? Since Sherlock AI is able to understand consumers’ lat-long (GPS coordinates) over durations of time (1 GPS ping every 5 mins), Sherlock AI is able to reconstruct the entire timeline of a consumer. Sherlock AI tags a consumer’s residential location if he/she has stayed in the same location (lat-long) from 12 am to 6 am, for at least 4 days a week. Sherlock AI identifies that there are 5 major ‘Pet’ clusters in Mumbai.

mumbai cluster

Who’s a goodie AI? Who’s an amazing precision targeting platform? Well, you know the answer to this: Sherlock AI indeed! :)Interested in learning more about how Sherlock AI works and how you can use such amazing consumer insights and the brilliant signals for your digital campaigns? Get in touch with us or check this article out!

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